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Iris Au
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hi there! I suck at introductions c':

but anyways, hi! I post mainly my digital art here, which isn't often, but that's mainly because I don't use my tablet enough =w=;;;

let's be friends!

follow me on Instagram too! I post my traditional art there:

let's not forget my facebook page (which I am failing quite horribly in posting things with(actually, let's forget about it)):…

lemme just....put all my links here I guess:
wips (and possible fanarts in the future):
fandom blogging and fanart:
art blog:
snapchat: numico


Save Me by numi-nya
Save Me, seriously. it's 430 in the morning because i had to do this hahAh

I finished the lineart for this ages ago but I struggled a lot with the colouring thank the gods for speedpaints (esp Auriee her art hhhhhh… just LOOK AT HER COLOURING I'M JEALOUS-)

I also suck at colour theory unfortunately so have weird colours that hopefully fit together~
im pretty sure i put this somewhere but I dont remember...anyways, im gonna open up requests guys!!! i might do them traditionally tho, i still need practise with digital as yall prolly know ;;;; so if you guys are interested in requests lmk!! >w<
not sure if i should share my recent thing on facebook...i rly want to call the person out but at the same time idk if she's doing it intentionally or not ;;;;;
Trust Is Dead by numi-nya
Trust Is Dead
if you follow me on twitter you prolly know about what's happened last night, but those who don't don't rly need to know the details, it's kinda over dramatic haha

Basically, I've been hit harder than I thought I could be hit by something I never thought would happen to me, if that makes sense pfffff-

but in the end, even though the other party prolly thought what they did wasn't wrong, I don't think I can trust people that easily anymore...I don't mean everyone I know, but mostly those who I don't know well enough to consider my close friends, I think I've let my guard down around them too much.

They say to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer...but if you keep them too close, you start mistaking them as your friend.

Rather than being angry and confused at the person themselves, I'm more confused and angry at how I let this happen to me. It makes me even angrier when I think about how it's something that happens often, yet because we don't see it happening, we don't think it happens.

if you managed to read through and understand this mess of emotions and thoughts, congrats haha
I Heart Coffee by numi-nya
I Heart Coffee
I've been too obsessed with this game lately....

what is colour scheme?
so I haven't ranted in a while haha (that's okay tho)

the biggest thing for me rn is that my sister just told me that she'll get me more ear piercings for my graduation gift, which is pretty awesome.

Actually, I'm not sure if this feeling is just me or what, but if you compare my situation with my family now to last semester, it feels a lot more loose...for better or for worse, I feel like I can finally breathe properly, and take a look at my surroundings. it's slow progress, and its kind of hindering the stuff that happens at school, but I guess this is where I should keep reminding myself to take one step at a time?

I've been on art block this whole month at least, which is pretty bad for me since most of my courses are art courses, but I feel like I'm finally able to start picking myself up...but sometimes I feel like I get knocked over by what, I don't know. (grammar tho lol)
I get tempted to skip school a lot these days, but I'm not entirely sure whether or not I should (ofc I end up going to class) and it kind of made me realize that even though I told myself to take more risks when I entered grade nine, I feel like I haven't moved from my bubble at all, even after four years. I told myself to take any opportunity that passes by, yet when they do come by I end up making excuses for myself, and I regret it a lot, since the feeling prolly won't be the same once I graduate high school.

There's a lot of regrets I've just realized I had, and I feel strangely depressed these past two weeks, but at the same time I haven't felt more relieved of stress than now, if that makes sense...

LOL this sounds kinda suicidal doesn't it? I love living too much to intentionally harm myself though, but I just kind of want to go on adventures, now that I've prolly realized the reason why I've felt so empty even though I've finished all my academic courses.

I've finally got the feeling, now I just need the ideas.
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  • Reading: last game
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  • Eating: idk
  • Drinking: chinese medicine is the way to go~~~~

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Aehro Featured By Owner May 15, 2016
Hope you had a good one!! ;v; <33 
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aHHHH I MISSED THIS HAHA THANK YOU IT WAS PRETY GOOD :') thank you again!!!!!! <333333333
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ALSO YAY I'm glad to hear that!! ;v; <33 
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dziekuje by inioli
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uwaaaah so much cute! thanks for the thanks haha!
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no problem! chatting with you last night was fun (even though I wasn't really there for most of it)! ^ ^
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Ahhhh thank you so much for the watch bby:iconbrohugplz: I really appreciate it <333

If you like my art feel free to check me out on YouTube ,Tumblr , or Facebook  :iconasdfghbeeplz: //shamelessly advertises LOL
numi-nya Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2015  Student Artist
no problem! thanks for the llama, as well! I love your colouring style~

I think I have followed you on tumblr already, and I will proceed to follow you on your other media now XD
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